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"Session Expired" Error During Checkout + Automatically Filling Company Information into Bill/Ship

We have just purchased the Website Security from GoDaddy after attempting to hire a developer through them to get this figured out.


Of course, since this is to deal with possible plugin conflict, they could not do anything to help us unfortunately.


Basically, the other day, customers started emailing us, telling us that they continue to receive an error stating their "session expired", and to "click here to return to the homepage."


The order still goes through, and their payment still gets taken, but on their end it appears that the order did not go through because there is not a confirmation page.


This of course leads to re-orders, and upset customers, as well as the appearance of unprofessionalism on our end.



Nonetheless, here is what we can recall doing right before this error started to occur:


- There was an issue with the API key for our Mailchimp forms on the website. It has been this way since the beginning of the year (2017), as I am not the one who personally set everything up.


We migrated from Shopify at the beginning of the year, and I paid someone else to set everything up on WooCommerce/WordPress for me, as I was accustomed to Shopify and did not have the time to play around with it like I did before.


That being said, I went ahead and updated my Mailchimp app to a NEW key that was generated on Mailchimps backend of their website.


The API calls for Mailchimp were stating that there were errors during a lot of the calls, and when we updated the code, our subscriber count grew by a few thousand - assuming that it connected up correctly, but we are still watching it.


- After updating that key, we noticed that there were two "subscribe to our newsletter" boxes on the checkout.


This is because we were using "Easy Forms for Mailchimp", and that plugin also allowed for a newsletter subscription box on the checkout.


We figured we would use the native subscriber box from the official Mailchimp plugin, so we went ahead and disable the Easy Forms plugin from showing the box to subscribe.


The API key was updated on that plugin as well I do believe, but that is all that was done.


After that, we attempted to edit some text on the website through the Visual Editor, directly on the pages, but we ended up deleting a lot of the edits because they were not showing up on the live version.


Some of the text that we wrote using the Visual Editor on the checkout page shows up, but when we tried to edit the actual shipping module with the different shipping methods (just adding some notes for customers), it would not show up on the live version.


Anyways, that is all we can recall doing before we started getting emails about this, and of course we can see multiple orders coming in from the same people at times if they do not read the message about "ignoring the session expired error".




We did attempt to disable all caching plugins (we only had one), as well as both the Easy Forms Plugin, as well as the native Mailchimp plugin.


We then attempted to CTRL + F5 refresh on the website using a Google Incognito browser, and the checkout still would not allow us to log in with our own account, and continues to auto populate the companies billing information/shipping information.


If there is anything we can do, we would be very grateful for any help and will be willing to perform any extra troubleshooting steps we need to do.