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    Have two Windows VPS Servers - Trying to connect them in a Windows domain

    Greetings!!  I am not an expert Windows Administrator, but I can get along in a regular network environment.  I am feeling a bit lost in the VPS world.  I have two Windows VPS servers that I want connected under one Windows Domain Controller.  I promoted one VPS to a domain controller.  And now I am trying to add the second VPS server to the domain.  I created one server as Webserver1 and one as Dev1.  Webserver1 has a lot more resources so I picked that to be my domain controller.


    I cannot figure out how to add Dev1 into the domain.  I know they both have to be on the same subnet mask and I was told by GoDaddy that they would be.  It is  Usually, I just type in the name of the server and bang, it is done.  But the names that I gave to the servers while setting them up seems to only show in the GoDaddy Server Page.  On the Godaddy pages and in the systems I have abstract names that consist of the outside IP address as strings followed by secureserver.net (sXXX-XXX-XX-XXX.secureserver.net).


    Trying to add the servers to the domain via the host name does not work for me.  It is difficult to find help on this topic because as soon as you mention 'domain controller' all of the help is focused on internet domain and pointing them.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Thanks very much!!



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    I now have DNS of one VPS pointing to the outside IP address of the domain controller VPS.  When I try to 'join' the domain of the domain controller, I am getting a 'Duplicate SID' error.  The error states that it may be caused by an improperly cloned VPS instance.


    I have tried using SysPrep, but I could not log into the machine afterwards.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!