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    Migrate your hosted sites to avoid losing content.

    Hello ,  I just got an email from godaddy , that if I don't upgrade my server I might lose my data by the end of august.


    Official End-of-Life: September 30, 2019.



    Our legacy dedicated servers are all going to the great server farm in the sky. We just want to be sure you know that anything you host with these services will be lost if not migrated before then. Whether you call us for help or migrate the content yourself is up to you, just make sure it's done before the end of September. If you have Managed FTP or Managed Backups, these services will also be ending.

    What should i do? SHould I buy new server and how can I migrate my website?



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    Generally hosting companies like GoDaddy offer the migration services for a fee. If you are not very tech-savvy this may be your easiest route . The simple answer for you would be yes you would upgrade to a non Legacy, AKA newer server, or find another server elsewhere and Via FTP download all of your website files from the current Legacy server and re upload them to the new server and then point your current domain name to the new physical server by updating the pointers in the DNS nameserver management location on GoDaddy. I hope this info could help you get started in the right direction.

    How do I know my Server is Legacy or Not?