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    Dashboard for W+M not functioning.

    Dashboard for websites and marketing not functioning. This is what I see, and it has been doing this for almost 3 weeks. I check the status of the sites and GoDaddy is saying everything is working perfectly. I have called in three times to fix this, but to no avail. Very, very frustrating.




    It is working now.

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    Hi @TLGB,


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    It's frustrating when the car is pinging... until you take it into the shop. A look at the internal GoDaddy issues over the last 4 days show no problem within the Websites+Marketing plans. So the agents aren't able to replicate the error. Have you asked the customer support team to check your connection to the server? You may also want to try a new browser or use a private/incognito browsing window to edit the website. 



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    Still not working. I keep getting the same error. When I want to refresh my stats, is says “we are working on this error still.”

    Jacob Frasier

    It is working now.

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