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    Google Crawling Help


    Like everyone else, I am trying to improve my search rankings on Google, which has led to this question and would be really grateful if someone can help?

    I am using Go Daddys current Web builder with a shopping cart and wondered if Google picks up my product information, description and photos when crawling my Go Daddy Website?

    Compared to my competitors using, for example, Shopify does there products get creawled get crawled.? If so it leaves me with a huge disadvantage I've got no chance of getting up the search rankings no matter how much I optimize my pages.

    What also has triggered this is Google will not pull through my product information on a fetch as it is not recognising my products. When speaking to Go,Daddy, they could not help, very disappointed yet again with Go Daddy's help.

    Alison Cloonan
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    Resolver I

    Firstly check your sitemap through Google search console. if there are any error then check what type of error is showing.

    You can take help with Screaming Frog. This is the best tool to find out all pages are crawling or not. They are listed all url which have indexed in the search result.