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404 Error - can't access site

I have to servers hosted on GoDaddy - the 'old' server was our production server, and our 'new' server was a staging server for an upgrade. 


I updated the "new" server and everything was great. cPanel had the domain as and I could access the site just fine. 


i tried to cut over the new server to map to and - when I did that I started receiving 404 errors on the site. 


Additionally, when I set up a new A record for the old site, I lost access as well (I would get plain white screen w/ the text 'website ok' - or something like that. 

I tried to revert everything back - and the old site is up at but the new site is still 404. 

I cannot find in cPanel where to verify that the domain is using the public_html folder, so I'm kind of stuck. 

Any help would be appreciated as the site is now down because I can't bring the old site onlline otherwise I'll need to completely redo the upgrade process. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: 404 Error - can't access site

Hi @mikegcoleman. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! A 404 error usually means that the browser can't find a default file or the file specified in the address bar. A "Page OK" error usually means that a domain is pointed toward the IP address for hosting plan that it hasn't been added to. I'm not sure what you'd need to do in your situation, but this information may help. 

  • The primary domain for a cPanel account is always hosted in /public_html
  • If you add an addon domain or subdomain, they are typically hosted in /public_html/[domain]
  • You can see where an addon or subdomain are mapped to in your Addon Domains or Subdomains page in the cPanel dashboard. This information will be listed under "Document Root" on either of those pages. 

I hope that helps. If not, you may consider connecting with our customer care team so they can take a look. 


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