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413 Request Entity Too Large(GoDaddy can not fulfill the service of the level )

I am using the shared hosting service and I have developing a web site, i need to send the image data as string and posting it to the server,

when the data is more than around 512 kb that will be occur the Error 413 Request Entity Too Large that not allow me to post the data. i have set up the .user.ini file to increase the post max size to 1G, i have checked that the setting is successful to applied, but the firewall setting(MOD Security) is blocked me to post data more than  512 kb, i have contect the GoDaddy Technical Support that he had no solution for my case  and recommend me to upgrade to VPS to avoid the firewall restriction (or change back to previous hosting company [i have not his issues in hostgator with the basic plan]).


At is black and white to said that i can custom the php.ini and the post max size is 2G, but now the firewall setting is restricted to 512kb, is not fulfill the service of the level.


I feel helpless, because this setting is make my website's main function that cannot work. Image is more than 512kb is very common in nowaday.


512kb posting size compare to 2G posting size is extremely small and not reasonable, that make a lot of thing that cannot do in the website. At the point of view of a customer that i cannot imagine that i need to concern the posting size of a hosting service.


And has not mention that there have a not reasonable restriction to not allow to post data more than 512kb in all shared hosting plan, if i know that before i will not join the service of


Can any guy can help me?