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Accessing AddOn Domain using Windows HOST file?

I'm building out a website using an AddOn domain from my Main Deluxe Hosting account.

I'm not updating any DNS on name registration because it currently points to another 3rd party host where the site runs now. I want DNS to stay pointing to the 3rd party until I've completely built new site in the AddOn Domain host spot.


I successfully created the AddOn - with document root at (home)/public_html/ folder.  


I was thinking/hoping that if I modified my Windows HOST file with my host IP address and the domain name I'm using it would direct my browser to my host and drop me to the AddOn domain document root as specified when created.


Then I could work on testing the site at the AddOn location as though I was browsing to it when everything is done and I switch DNS later.


What actually happens is it sort-of works and takes me to my host server IP as expected, but renders the Main Domain's index.php page in the public_html folder, not the AddOn Domain's index.php in the document root folder as needed.


Don't know if I am missing some obvious configuration, or if I need to make other special provisions. Seems like I have always done this in the past on other hosts with no issues, but this is the first time I've used GoDaddy hosting, so I'm trying to find the best (correct) way to do this.


Thanks in advance! 



Helper V

Re: Accessing AddOn Domain using Windows HOST file?



Morning ,

Why not go into your .htaccess point to the add on?

Just a idea 🙂

Mrsroadrunner Photography

Re: Accessing AddOn Domain using Windows HOST file?



OK, Thanks to you, I figured out what is going on!


Initially, I read your suggestion, and thought No, I don't think I could do that since I'm already using .htaccess to do url re-write for specific things and that would over-complicate and/or break what I'm already doing in there.


Then, I totally realized, wait... I'm using .htaccess to do some url re-writes, and I copied the .htaccess from the Main Domain to the AddOn Domain and completely forgot to modify it for the AddOn Domain location. So I was shooting myself in the foot. The Windows HOST file was getting me there and landing in the AddOn Domain folder correctly, but the .htaccess was kicking me back to the Main Domain. 


I edited the .htaccess for the proper path and it is working 99% OK now. Just one small thing to figure out left to do.


I can got to and get there, or any other page like just fine. But hitting it with just plain is still kicking me back to my


I'm sure I'll find an answer from here. I'll post update once I get that solved as well.


Thanks for getting me to think about the .htaccess !!



Helper V

Re: Accessing AddOn Domain using Windows HOST file?


WOO HOO!! Doing the happy dance for you 🙂


Mrsroadrunner Photography

Re: Accessing AddOn Domain using Windows HOST file?


Yes- thanks again!


I got the last piece in place now too...

I had an additional redirect in a script on the main page also still pointing back to ; corrected that and now all going well.


Everything was working exactly as I first expected. I just got distracted during setup and never made adjustments needed in my code and ran myself off the rails...


On to getting some work done now!