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Addon domain's Wordpress admin redirects to main domains website

I have an odd problem I can not figure out. I have business launch cpanel hosting, right now I have my main web design website as the main domain/site then I have some sample sites as add ons (sample sites very low traffic). Recently a friend of mine (big in blogging and influencing) decided she is out growing her original (free) blogging site. Someone purchased her blogging name as a domain so she had to add an extra letter in her domain until she can contact and purchase the domain she wants. She wants me to go ahead and build the site for her on the domain she purchased and we can transfer everything later. Right now her new domain isn't being released and I offered to host her site while I built it on my cpanel. I have everything set up and when I type in her new domain it shows the default wordpress blog but when I press the admin button on the site or if I type her domain name / wp-admin instead of bringing up her dashboard it brings up my main web design site. I deleted the admin setting in her dns that I created to see if I did something wrong (I assumed I used the IP address like with my other sites) but even after deleting the admin setting in her domains DNS it still goes to my main site. Any idea what I did wrong and how to fix the issue would be greatly appreciated. I looked in the admin files and nothing stood out but I know there is something redirecting her site to my main site. Thank you in advance!!!!  

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Community Manager

Re: Addon domain's Wordpress admin redirects to main domains website

Hi @kristynlane89. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! To me, it sounds like an issue with the redirect for the site. That can be a problem with the .htaccess file in the site's root directory or sometimes a problem with the domain listed in the database. One thing you could try is visiting /wp-login.php instead of just /wp-admin. If you can log in there, you might be able to check the settings for the site to see if there is an issue. Hope that helps. 


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