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CPU Maxing out - lsphp process

I've looked far and wide on community and multiple other sites for the reason why lsphp is using so much CPU. I switched over to a Business Hosting account hoping that my site doesn't go down with 10 users on but it seems I can't get away from it.


I have an eCommerce website ( and we send out weekly newsletters and do advertising, but when there are 10 or more customers on, the entire site goes down due to "Maxed Out Resources"


When I do the "top -ca" command it shows lsphp on index.php using 10-20% CPU per customer.


Can someone help me figure this out? I've tried optimizing images and even paid for WP Rocket caching (which definitely helps pages load faster but when there are multiple users it still takes down the site)



Have the same problem on cpanel shared hosting.


Using minimum plugins and everything looks neat.