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Cancel HTTP to HTTPS redirection



In the past I configured a redirection from HTTP to HTTPS. Now that the certificate is expired, I would like to revert to HTTP traffic but I don't remember how I set the redirection. There is no .htaccess in my public_html directory and I have checked the option to see hidden files. Is there an other place where a config would keep redirecting my traffic to HTTPS?


For example if I create a file index.php (prints Hello World) in public_html, even if I type the address, I get redirected to


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Re: Cancel HTTP to HTTPS redirection

Are you sending your site through Cloudflare or any other third party DNS? could be your domain provider if your DNS is set with them.


Also C-Panel has a "Manage SSL Certificates" section, if there's an SSL cert in there you will be on https so probably should have a look.

Re: Cancel HTTP to HTTPS redirection

Thank you for the reply JTR


The DNS is Godaddy, so this shouldn't be an issue.


The certificate was still valid for a while, but after completely deleting it in the "Manage SSL Certificates" section, the website still redirects all traffic to https and displays "Future of something quite cool", even though there clearly my index.php. Is there an other option?


Re: Cancel HTTP to HTTPS redirection

Sounds like the same issue i had when setting mine up, took a while before "future of something quite cool" was replaced with the site, but I think it ended up being a cache issue have you looked outside public_html for a .htaccess? godaddy's DNS section if it's any good should have an area for "Cache" and "Security", if you clear the cache your new site should show up, then if you turn off "automatically rewrite all HTTP as HTTPS" in "Security" you should be good to go. That's assuming it's relatively similar to Cloudflare.


Re: Cancel HTTP to HTTPS redirection

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Re: Cancel HTTP to HTTPS redirection

Hello @Alpheratz 


Since you're on the cPanel platform, you may want to check in the SSL/TLS section and ensure that the expired certificates have been deleted from the hosting. This can sometimes cause the issue you're seeing.

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