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Connecting to a new database

Hello everyone,


I want to connect my phpmyadmin, but my username and password is wrong.

I got a new database and user but again is wrong.

What do you suggest I do ?

if you write your mysql_connect code maybe i got it...


Thanks For All...


Former Employee

Re: Connecting to a new database


You need to make sure you have your credentials. 
If cPanel :
Hostname : localhost
DB user and password (If not sure about user/pw look for /wp-config.php file and find it there)

1. Get your local IP using 
2. Go to cPanels page look for "Remote MySQL" Clcik it.
3. Add your IP
4. Open your MySQL Workbench >Database> Connect to DB>
Method: Standard TCP/IP
Use the DB credentials on the above note.

Guide :