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Cpanel Login Problem

I cant believe Godaddy dont have email support or live chat!! I've been trying to solve this for hours!!


Ok I am soon to be using my domain I registered a few months back - I can sign in to my Godaddy account fine - when I click on Domain Admin - I am taken to cpanel login and it keeps saying login invalid which is impossible


I am have tried every password possible - but anyways, wouldnt it be the same that takes me to godaddy? 


There is no option for help. No option to get it reset. no option for a hint. I just go round and round in circles!


Please help! Hope someone can advise, thanks so much






Re: Cpanel Login Problem

I've got the same problem. 


I can go into the CPanel admin, and when i go and click on wordpress, it now asks for my password.  I have used all the passwords i have ever had for Go Daddy, and even changed it twice, and still cannot get in to update my website.

I wont even give you a chance to "Register" or change Password.


I am so frustrated with go daddy atm, its wasting my valuable time trying to do a 5 min job to no avail.


Hope someone, somewhere can shed some light and help. 

Tracey Westell

Re: Cpanel Login Problem

Hi I solved the problem


Basically I was in Starbucks and apparently places like that constantly change their ip address


There are a few solutions . I've tried them all and they work 

1. Connect to another network

2. Use something like IP NInja or chrome ( extension )

3. Set up your phone as a hotspot and use your mobile network


All of those work - the problem was Starbucks!!


let me know if that solves the problem, good luck!