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Cpanel email accounts not showing

email account users cannot login to their accounts using the webmail. if a user tries to login after putting the username and password correctly- it says the login is invalid. 

When I log in to the cpanel to check the email accounts, I discovered that the email addresses are not showing. when I try to recreate the mail address, it says the email address already exist but I cannot find it. how can I get this issue resolved. thanks.

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Re: Cpanel email accounts not showing


I hope you are doing well. I think  this happens due to bulk of cache, temp files etc present in the .cpanel directory of domain. Inorder to rectify the problem we can remove the “.cpanel” directory inside the path /home/cpaneluser/.


Once removed restart the cpanel service and try access the cpanel page/email accounts.

The issue will be solved. No issues with the “.cpanel” directory, it will automatically recreate next time when you load the account’s cPanel.


Zulfiqar Anees | GoDaddy PRO | Founder/CEO at TechMag, ZulWeb, Enter To Study

Re: Cpanel email accounts not showing

Thank you for your response.

I try to implement what you suggested but i appears i do not have such directory in my domain file manager. See attached interface file.

Thank you