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Entry Limit - Customer Service of Hosting - SSL - Helping Docs

Greetings Dear Community


I have been a good customer of Godaddy from 2014. I didn't requested any complex things. Whenever I called, I got good feedbacks until this problem.


I have Entry Limit problem

1-User Interaction?

I don't have any visible internet site for any user. According to Google analytics, I have only 80 -100 unique visit in my websites. So there is not user interaction reason.


And just look this graphs


Is it mirror of high entry?



2-Calling Customer Service?

As mentioned on other post, I called Turkish Customer Service twice. First one was okay. It looks it solved (You may see sudden drop afterward then increased) boo.jpg However second one was total fiasco. I called 17:50 and closing time is 19:00 so I waited in the line after I told them I have same problem with before, they talked with American Godaddy for 1 hour (?) and around 18:50 he reached me that we got only one answer from America that "there is problem with your codes." So answered as "If I had problems with codes, this should happen much more before and if there is problem about codes it should be about CPU or GPU not Entry Limit. Please ask America again for recheck". The answer "Sorry this is only result." And as we talking, I heard other customer service people's laugh in his back instead of helping. Yes there are really good ones too but you need to check about if your customer services are "call center" or "technical service".  If there are sound records on, you may hear it.



3-Killing PHP Processes?

So with Shell, I tried to kill most used ones. Because according to your helping documents, there should be a button for killing it in cpanel? ( ) so I reached out with SSL to kill it. The one with high was lsphp and it repeats itself, so I repeatedly killed it however it didn't drop entry limits.  ( I am not good with SSL so I tried best internet opinions.)


4- .BAT and deactiveting websites.

That was what I got from last customer service. So tried to deactive some of internet sites if I have really bad codes which "customer service" mentioned (Point 2) however nothing happened and entry limit still rised afterwards too.


5-Closing some php options, memory increase etc.

Didn't worked. 


6-Uninstalling core internet site reinstalling it.

I start to go back to backups if it is still problem about codings from last website which I am working.  Nothing happened. So I turned to more active internet sites (10-20 user in week... yes very active) to take back however it was unreachable. So taking back to backup failed. Now I tried to uninstall drupal system on it!


And it stucked in Drupal management page.



I was working on a project which have high potencials so I was thinking to get dedicated server from Godaddy because I didn't got big problems before but right now I am dismantling my websites just because hosting problems! Because as you know, trusting a supplier is hard thing and easy to lost. I know most of hostings are wrecks but at least resource of godaddy is high and may find solutions in the end... But now I lost 1 week of time for nothing to learn these problems solutions...


-Need more details about why entry limit reaches high. Ddos? Virus? Godaddy? Me? Shared website is sucking my resources?

-There are some problems that very common (for example in wordpress entry limit problem too) you need far better solutions and answers on helping documents and training to your services. 

-Godaddy's UX change is not reflected on helping documents! I searched SSL activation button for 3 hours!



So I am looking for construtive approach from Godaddy to a loyal customer who provides Godaddy's economy server to lots of partners as recommendation because of current deluxe pack.

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Hey there @ErsinCapt,


This sounds like a development issue and not a technical issue. I advise hiring a Drupal developer and have them take a look at your code. 

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