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Entry process limit error

I have issues with my cpanel hosting for two weeks no solution, error 508, entry process limit reached, I have uninstalled all my applications, i have removed some addon domains, i have tried all possible means. I called Godaddy call center, made me wait 20 minutes on queue (international call) I ended after about 20 minutes, I called back was told to upgrade, i maintained i want to resolve issue not upgrade becaue nothing seem to be causing this, Godaddy removed kill php processes button, so I can not kill process, i tried SSH and cant find the running process., Godaddy says toggling php version kills php process, but it does not work, I have not been able to toggle php version, php shows as 5.6 in server information but shows as 7.x in SSH. I called godaddy and i was informed it is DNS, i told the agent i don't think it is DNS, his word  were "i don't care what you think, it is DNS"   If this is a ploy to force me to upgrade, it wont worserver.JPGstats.JPGselect.JPG


Re: Entry process limit error

I need help, i have deleted all files, all database, all domains, yet ia am still getting Entry Process Limit