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Error 530 on Filezilla, what am I missing?

I am facing Filezilla's 530 error while trying to connect to my server. I enter credentials and connect, and it goes right but after signing the certificate I just get "530 error: login authentication failed". I leave log at the bottom. FYI I did never connect to this server through FTP before.


Here's what I have already tried:

- Both username and password are correct, and password is less than 10 characters

- I have checked that DNS is ok: the HOST one with the @ has an IP on its value that matched the serve's IP

- I have tried using as FTP user my cPanel username, and for FTP password my cPanel password (they call this an "special account" which is created by default as a FTP account)

- I have tried setting the FTP user as the server's IP, as well ass with ftp:// before the IP

- Firewall is deactivated, I am from a MAC device


I am just getting crazy with this and the support service has gone so bad they can only send me basic articles about how to set up a FTP client... 


Thank you




Estado:      Resolviendo la dirección de

Estado:      Conectando a 00000000hidden0000000...

Estado:      Conexión establecida, esperando el mensaje de bienvenida...

Estado:      Inicializando TLS...

Estado:      Verificando certificado...

Estado:      Conexión TLS establecida.

Comando:  USER

Respuesta: 331 User OK. Password required

Comando:  PASS ********

Respuesta: 530 Login authentication failed

Error:         Error crítico: No se pudo conectar al servidor


Re: Error 530 on Filezilla, what am I missing?



In Filezilla:

Insert the port number 21, select "ASK FOR THE PASSWORD", and select INSECURE FTP PLAIN

Works. No idea why but this is the only way of making this work.


I sincerelly hate Godaddy. Last time I trust in them


Re: Error 530 on Filezilla, what am I missing?

Hi @germanalvarez,


Welcome to the Community!

Port 21 has always been required to use FTP to connect to the GoDaddy hosting server. It's not clear what article you were provided, but you are welcome to review the instructions here for uploading your content through FTP. 

Field What to enter...
Host Your IP address, or the domain name
Username Your FTP username
Password Your FTP password
Port 21






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