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Go Daddy Firewall

I'm having issues creating a pop up lightbox due to GoDaddy Security settings. Please see video below:

I have called your Customer support 3 times about this and they tell me that it's not your security settings, but clearly, the video points to a GoDaddy Security setting. Take note that Javascript is enabled during the test. 

Please help!!


Former Employee

Hello @MotherNurture

Godaddy indeed can check if the shared server is vulranable or not in to incomiing connections from users.
I'm guessing your using a corporate/business ISP It was tagged as an static IP. a shared host (Godaddy) may not allow to connect from offices internet network conenctivity that has static IP, yet allows a residential IP network. Solution is to bypass your network using VPN or try residential type of network

Warm Regards,

Joven 🙂

Hi Joven, I'm using a residential network. I also tried it with a VPN and the same issue happened. What else can you suggest?



Hello @MotherNurture

The look up I did , the link shows a static IP of network, I prefer to contact your ISP why is that static.

Wam regards,

Joven 🙂