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How to add TXT record via hosting cPanel in Zone Editor?



I have a domain registered with a third-party registrar which points to my GoDaddy linux hosting via GoDaddy's DNS. I've recently signed up to MailGun which requires me to add additional TXT domain records. In most cPanels, this would be managed via the Zone Editor. However, GoDaddy's zone editor only allows me to add/edit/delete MX records. 


All documentation I have found are only relevant if the domain is registered at GoDaddy, which mine isn't. 


How can I add TXT domain records for a domain which isn't registered with GoDaddy, but uses GoDaddy's DNS for hosting?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How to add TXT record via hosting cPanel in Zone Editor?

Hi @davidb2002. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! The information in this article should allow you to add a TXT record for a domain that is hosted within a GoDaddy account. If the options to do this are not appearing for you, please connect with our customer care team. It could mean that there is an issue with the zone file for the domain. 


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