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Increase default memory limit PHP

Hi Friends,

I have created a video based on PHP Memory Limit, Executive Time, Post Max, Upload Max FileSize.

I have attached a video File below. Easy to understand. Just follow the tutorials below and increase your default PHP Limit.




Thank You.


Hi @CG,

Thank you for your Support. 


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Hey @manojkumarcdo,


Awesome walkthrough video! Smiley Very Happy


I'm sure a few members needing to modify their default limits would appreciate this! 


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Hi @CG,

Thank you for your Support. 


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How can I do it on VPS server?



This is by far the easiest instruction on this solution that I have come across

Thank you so much. You saved me 😉

Thank you so much! I can't believe how confusing all the other articles make it out to be. Talking about creating text files and uploading it or other methods that were hard to understand.

This was super easy to understand and implement in a matter of minutes.

Kick ass video. Many thanks!


Hi, would you know where I need to go to do this on phpmyadmin - total novice here...

thank you in advance

Hello, @KD3,

PhpMyAdmin is quite different application compared to the above video. In the video, I have described how to increase your default memory limit in cPanel. Above video doesn't have any relation to PHPMyAdmin. 

PHPMyAdmin is a tool integrates with MySQL, Which executes DML, DDL commands. 

For more details, follow the article below.


Also, Your question is unclear. Try to elaborate your question more specific. So that, I could provide you the best solution. 

FYI if you do not see this option, upgrade to at least php v5.5

it's not working for me

Why is the option taken away for new installs?

Hi, @edward025,

I hope that isn't possible. I can still able to configure those settings in my cPanel.  

If you're still encountering the issue concerning those settings. Kindly, Share a screenshot. So that, I could provide the best resolution. 




Manoj Kumar.



Thank you! So helpful. Exactly what I needed.