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Installed livechat via Installatron, didnt like it so uninstalled but now website not loading

I am now getting the "if you are the owner of this page login to launch" if I click the link, it asks for a password. I have yet to enter a password for cpanel. Any advise as to 1. what I have done and 2. how to fi


So thinking more into it I don't think the live chat was the problem. I have only set up the hosting today, there was no problem with the site previously. Do I need to launch the site using cpanel? if so how?

Hi @charlottedavis. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! In order for a website to display when you visit a domain, the hosting that the domain is pointing to needs to have a default file. It sounds like that's missing in your case. It was probably removed when you uninstalled the application in question. This can happen if you had a similar default file initially. For example, if you had WordPress installed, this would have a default file called index.php. If you install another application in the same directory, it may also have an index.php file. It's difficult to say for sure what's happening in your situation without more information. If you're still having trouble, I suggest reviewing the post here to learn more about what kind of information you can supply to help others offer good responses. Hope you're able to get this figured out!


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