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Linux possibilities

My site runs on Linux but I'm not experienced using Linux.  I can use cPanel like anyone else but are there things I can do outside of cPanel?  I can spell SSH but have never used it.  Can you point me to some documentation?

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Hey @alharlow. I'm sure others (like @MrVapor ) would be able to answer this more adequately than myself, but I can point you to a few resources. 

I hope that helps. 


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Hey there @alharlow,


SSH is a more advanced way of interacting with the Linux command shell instead of using a GUI like cPanel to control it. There are a LOT of things you can do from the command line, including things that may break your site if you're not careful. 


I would suggest looking at the links @JesseW provided and doing a bit of research on the subject. Most things can be taken care of from the cPanel interface itself and I recommend using that if you don't know how use the command line. You can do some really neat things in there, though. For example, using the wp-cli can be amazing. More information here.


I would say just be careful. Make backups before making changes. Do some research and see if you actually need to use SSH for anything.

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