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MySQL remote query setup

Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a jam and was hoping some people could give me a vector so I can start making progress.  This is a little long so I'll stick to bullet points to avoid the word wall.


- Developing an App with a partner who was supposed to do the database

- Successfully queried the Database from the app

- Partner goes MIA for months and now I'm stuck


What I've done so far:

- Created the Database with columns

- Tried making a domain name (not sure if it worked)


My Goal:

- Database is a repository for data supplied from app

- Database can be queried by app (App supplies 1 column identifier, App provides matching results of remaining columns seperated by ">")


I'm using Unity to create the app and I used to ping a domain with I missed a little formatting but when the app did that the output identified would send back the information to the app.  I know this is doable, I just can't seem to find a solid start to do this.


I guess a good starter question is how would I communicate with the database from Unity using C#?

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Community Manager

Re: MySQL remote query setup

Hi @Icewing726. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! This one is a bit over my head. I found this MySQL article that may help. One thing to consider is what provider are the database and app hosting with? Are these both in the same GoDaddy account or are one or more of them with other providers. You'll undoubtedly need the right hostname to connect to the database, but that is dependent upon what kind of hosting you're working with.


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