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MySQL server has gone away


I have a mysql database in Godaddy and when I want to recover data from a table I have the message "MySQL server has gone away".
This happens from the CPanel PHPMyAdmin, from the Workbench, and from any page from which I want to retrieve information from this table.
However, if that database is restored on my local mysql server, I can access the data in this table without problems.
So, I think the problem is in some limitation of the Godaddy server or the MySql engine in Godaddy.
I have tried to increase the limits of wait_timeout, interactive_timeout and net_read_timeout without solution.
Can someone guide me to find the solution?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: MySQL server has gone away

Hi @jmpavan. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure what would cause that for you. I  know that error can occur if you try to pull too much data from the database at one time, but I'm not sure what the upper limit on that is. If you get this error regardless of the size of what you're trying to get from the database, then I'd suggest connecting with our hosting support team so they can make sure there are no issues on our end. 


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