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Server hangup and connection timeout error is my website and since 09/21/2018 my site is down godaddy customer care support didn't able to help me even can't able to find the problem. They just guessing the reason of problems.

I'm very upset with the service please solve the problem as soon as possible


I'm having this problem too.  It's been getting errors intermittently all week which I was told was due to a nameserver issue, now I can't log on to my site at all and it's crashed.  I've double checked my nameservers and they're fine.  Very unhappy.  

I am facing the same issue too. Just got the hosting a day back and now this problem! Is there a solution thread to this?


@imchahardeepak, @rhiannon4275 let me know if you guys have found a fix.

i have same proble, seem godady can evev fix this..

I am also facing this problem on wordpress hosted site. This site is just moved from other hosting vendor to GoDaddy. 

I called up support team 5-6 times. However, no concrete suggestions, but to look into the code. 

However, same site earlier was working with other hosting vendor. 


Have tried making changes to php.ini etc for memory_limit and max_execution_time parameters. However, no improvement. Intermittent "Connection timeout" or "Server hangup" still comes. 


Can someone help? 



Getting Started

This problem is occurring still today on 4th February, 2018.

They didn't resolve it yet - how poor!


I am facing this problem when I am forwarding my these 3-4 domains.


The problem is on Godaddy server with IP address

This server hosted over 7,887,008 domain and it when it can't handle so many requests it returns the errors. Screenshot attached.


Godaddy should check this and fix the problem.

Check these screenshots below: