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Site Performance Issues - Going Really Slow

Howdy everyone.


Allow me to preface by saying I've been with GoDaddy before, I've also used HostGator. I wouldn't say I'm super experienced handling websites, but I haven't came across a problem I wasn't able to handle - or atleast find a way to handle - until now.


Recently I purchased a domain and Windows Deluxe hosting from GoDaddy. I have installed PhpBB 3.2.1 onto the website, as well as on my two subdomains. The themes I am using are we_universal and Ravaio (a premium theme).


Everything I am doing now, I have done in the past (except in the past I've used 3.1 instead of 3.2). My issue now comes in: I, as well as other users of the website, complain of slow response. Now, my subdomains seem to be shutting down without explanation. I have CloudFlare, the free package, as I read that would help.


I ran a speed check on the domain three times and here were the results:!/fM5JW/!/dpa8Ht/!/cjMfyd/


One consistent thing has been the "Leverage Browser Cache." I have done all I could find and think of to fix the issue and it's still there. At this point, I believe it is either a GoDaddy or PhpBB issue.


If someone could help me out, I'd genuinely appreciate it.


Helper VI

Hi @jwalker9857, sorry to hear that.

For the Browser cache, you can check it in cloudflare, under the caching tab. You should pick around 10 days, or so.


Regarding the response time, I can't help you that much since I never used Windows hosting from GD.

But, you may be able to tweak a little in cloudflare using pagerules, in order to cache everything, use rocket loader, and so. Maybe that can decrease the response time.

Also I'd check if you have a way to compress (similar to gzip, or even gzip) the pages that are sent. Also check if you can enable caching from your plesk dashboard, and so.


Hope it helps!

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