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Tranfered website to Gocentral website builder and can no longer recieve my emails from c-panel

Hi I decided to redo my website which was hosted on godaddy. So I signed up for the Gocentral Website Builder. Which is great. However, I have stopped receiving emails. I have 8 email accounts set up in c-panel. I have just been told the problem is because the website is now hosted on Gocentral website builder. I had no idea it actually moved the site. How do I keep the website builder and still get my emails? Cheers Perry

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Hi @Pez,


What was your platform before GoCentral and what is your domain name? Thank you! 

You say you have 8 email accounts set up? Do you have access to those MX records? If you do it's a simple case of making sure those MX records are added to your DNS zone, so effectively pointing to those email accounts.

If you don't have access to those MX records it's a little bit of detective work, but it may mean sharing those email addresses with me by private message. If you are uncomfortable with this then I suggest a quick call to friendly support (and I really mean friendly, if anyone finds otherwise on this forum I will guarantee were NOT very nice with support!!, just been on support today and lady was delightful and very helpful).


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