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Unablr to restore backup using the Wizard



I am new to hosting and godaddy. I just got an account, used the Backup Wizard to restore the website using the backup file acquired from the previous hosting company. I can see no change in the files in Public_Html folder. What should I do?


Moreover, the backup wizard always take the file from my local PC, regardless of the fact that I have already uploaded the file to hosting space here. Is there a way that Wizard use the file from hosting space?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Unablr to restore backup using the Wizard

If you're unable to restore the backup files through the Wizard, I'd suggest trying to manually restore the files to your hosting account using these instructions:  

If you continue to have trouble getting the files added to your hosting plan, please give our live support teams a call so we can see what's preventing the restore from working properly.  Thanks. 



Re: Unablr to restore backup using the Wizard

Backing up your WordPress website is the best thing to do. If you are doing this then it is a very good way to save your hard work and livelihood from ruining. You can never deny that your WordPress never gets any damage.

can you share full details, i think you will mistake when uploading your cpanel files. i suggest you to try how to backup and restore wordpress website guide to perform quick action.