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Which prepaid gift card can I use on godaddy?

I know there is the gift card option but I wanted to know if i can use prepaid visa gift card ton the site. What other gift cards I can use on godaddy.

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Re: Which prepaid gift card can I use on godaddy?

Hello @talhakhan1995, GoDaddy at one point had their own gift card but the have for the most part discontinued the use of them. See GoDaddy gift cards. I don't know for sure but perhaps some ICANN rules meant that the practice fell out of favor? GoDaddy still offers store credit in some circumstances.


For prepaid cards I'd say GoDaddy accepts prepaid cards with a major credit card logo on them? The rules for prepaid debit cards have gotten more strict over the years, now you have to have them attached to your personal information. Just about any prepaid card should work as long as it is issued by an accredited company? GoDaddy has a full list by country in Payment Methods We Accept for Purchases (not "We" as in "me", that's what the article is called). I hope that helps? 


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