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website returning connection timed out and no response errors

i dont know how, but somehow my first post about this same question dissappeared! so here it is again:

i have two domains currently hosted with godaddy, one ( on this account and the other ( on another account. after making requests from the website for may be five spaced out times. the two websites go down and i'm unable to access them anymore. all i get is the errors connection timed out, site took too long to respond or no response error. the first one contains database for medical company and it's already ruining their services as i speak even though the website has no face yet. the database is very much active  and being accessed from an android app, at least it was until i moved the whole database to (another account that is mine) to see if the issue will subside. but the same thing sprang up on the llinkk domain. the android app can only make a few requests from the database before the whole site goes down all over again and the app keeps returning a network error message. please help! the reputation of a medical company is at stake here! so is the health of patients! also, to add to this issue, i can never log in to any of my cpanel accounts with godaddy (i stay in nigeria) on 3g network, the login page keeps telling me "your ip addrress has changed. please log in again." i can only successfully login if i'm on 4g or if i use a proxy server! what gives! and the two websites, when not accessible, only seem to load when i use a proxy server! what gives!


Hey @thefrozeniceman,


Based on some of the details provided, sounds like your connectivity issues are mostly due to local network connections through your mobile carrier. One of which sounds like your carrier is not giving you a long enough lease period on the IP address you are connecting from on the 3g network before your connection sessions are being reset by the sudden change. 


Unfortunately, our hosting teams wouldn't have any direct control over that leasing period. Only your Carrier or ISP could assist with extending the time you have the IP address you are connecting from. This session time could also be related to why your connection to the Database is being interrupted. 


Beyond that, issues accessing the database would require direct review of the account in question. As this is a public discussion group, no one here will have that level of access. If you've been able to resolve the issues with your IP lease periods; but still encounter the same issues staying connected to your database, then you'll need to reach out to our live support for further assistance. 


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