problem with backorders using backorder credits...

hello I requested 6 backorders using my backorder credits

those domains were listed in Godaddy auctions (expired)
but the system did not make any bid according to the indicated by the support via chat (the orders were ignored)

I sent 2 emails yesterday and today reporting the incident (unanswered)
ticket Inquiry 36897621 and 36892592
to manually associate the backorder credits with the 6 domains and change the status to "paid" because in the panel they show the status "pending payment" despite having used a credit backorder before the auction closed and I was the only bidder

It seems that the problem was some kind of temporary error
because hours later I requested a last backorder using my backorder credit in other and if it works correctly the status of the domain is "paid"

please help me to solve this problem
I paid for those domains using the backorder credits