How can I pay my domain purchase via Paypal?

I tried to order several other domains, but when i checked out and noticed there is only one option of payment, that is credit card, which i do not have. And i have paypal and balance in it, so i prefer paying via paypal.


Anyone knows how to pay via paypal?




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You can check to see if PayPal is available for your region in the article here. Also, PayPal will not be available when certain domain promotions are used within the the account for the purchase. PayPal will not process these specials.




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hi i'm from algeria i have a paypal account  why i can't pay my domaine name billing with

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Hi @hadjer1. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Beyond what was mentioned above, another common issue that would prevent you from using a PayPal account is not having a payment method backing the PayPal account. You would need to have a credit card or bank account associated with the PayPal account in order to use it with our system. Hope that helps. 


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