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Hello , i was Wondering if someone could advise / help me !!!! I bought a bunch of domains back in 2015 for my company digitalmodz !!!! The registration company i used didn't notify me that 2 of the domains needed a renewal and .... i still and !!!! 48277937_425727957963981_1425721450538467328_n.jpg123 reg , admits in the msg above that it no longer notifys members who select manual payment methods ( which it did previously in the past ) . Yet i wasn't notified of this change . Now someone has bought my domain 5 days ago !!! Is there anything i can do to obtain the domains back ?


I'm even willing to be fair and pay double what the person paid 5 days ago !!!! As these domains have sentimental value aswell as being a vital part of my online presence in which i have a Legitimate Interest in the Domain Name . Since i was the first original owner and beleive someone else may of made Registratrion and Use in Bad Faith = Domain Squatting : ( 

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Hi @digitalmodz. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! Unfortunately, in this situation, your options are limited. If you have a trademark on the name, then you can submit a claim in that regard. I'm not a lawyer but from what I understand, you would need to have a trademark before being able to file a request regarding cyber-squatting.  However, if you don't have a trademark, you'd need to connect with the current registrant to see if they're willing to sell the domain registration back to you. Since the .com domain has Private Registration, you can try emailing the address listed on the domain's WHOIS. If the owner has chosen to forward messages from that address, they may receive them and follow up with you. Alternatively, you can consider employing our Domain Buy Service. Our Domain Buy Service agents can contact registrants who use our privacy service. For the .net, that appears to still be with 123-reg, so you may want to follow up with them to see what the options are. Hope that helps. 


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