I don't understand what GoDaddy support team doesn't understand our actual problem.


The problem is we have added more than 800 DNS entries which includes A records, CNAME, TXT, etc. 


And there is limitation on GoDaddy that we cannot view and edit more than 50 Pages and due to which support team have recommended to use DNS zone file export and import option.


So we have used that same, it is showing that file has imported successfully but no any changes reflect.


I am trying to get solution for this from more than 8-10 days, but GoDaddy support is sending round and round answers and when we call to support it seems there are no capable team is there because they keep our call on hold for more than 5 to 10 minutes after every 30 second talk.


How come you people can claim that you have award wining support team ?????


This is the worst support team we have ever seen for any portal.


We have registered more than 30 - 40 domains with GoDaddy and due to worst support system we are forced to transfer all the domains to different service provider.




+91 97 666 48353