Changing Mail Exchange (MX) records for Google Suite email

Hello there, 


First of all, I don't have too much experience with web/domain hosting, so I'm sorry if I don't explain myself well. 


My problem is that I have my G-Suite with the certain domain and I'm not receiving emails. I spoke with G-Suite support and they asked me to follow these steps: because what I need to do is to change my MX records. 

Ok, all good there, I started to do the steps but by the time I went to Step 3: Delete existing MX records I couldn't do anything because of this: 



There is no records list or an option to add new ones. It says that the nameservers aren't managed by GoDaddy. What does that mean? Can I change that? Smiley Frustrated 

Again, sorry about my little experience with this, I hope that someone can help me 🙂