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Being redirected when trying to access email

Every time I try to log into my GoDaddy email, the first try will redirect me to a page full of some sort of scripting errors (I have included the first few lines below).


I log in through "", and at first it brings up my email interface (my Inbox) as expected, but they rapidly redirects me to the page full of script errors. Then, if I try logging in again, it takes me to my Inbox, but this time it stays there (and all works as expected from then on).


I have attached a video that shows what happens better than I can explain it in words.


Anybody know what's happening here?


------------ Error messages Start ----------------

var tinymce={majorVersion:'3',minorVersion:'2.2.1',releaseDate:'2009-03-19',_init:function(){var t=this,d=document,w=window,na=navigator,ua=na.userAgent,i,nl,n,base,p,v;t.isOpera=w.opera&&opera.buildNumber;t.isWebKit=/WebKit/.test(ua);t.isIE=!t.isWebKit&&!t.isOpera&&(/MSIE/gi).test(ua)&&(/Explorer/gi).test(na.appName);t.isIE6=t.isIE&&/MSIE [56]/.test(ua);t.isGecko=!t.isWebKit&&/Gecko/.test(ua);t.isMac=ua.indexOf('Mac')!=-1;t.isAir=/adobeair/i.test(ua);if(w.tinyMCEPreInit){t.suffix=tinyMCEPreInit.suffix;t.baseURL=tinyMCEPreInit.base;t.query=tinyMCEPreInit.query;return;}


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Hello @FutureMoose and thank you for reaching out to the GoDaddy community. 


It looks like your computer is affected. Check out this article to help solve your issue on your computer. 


Let me know if that helps!


PS - Thanks for sharing the video. Very helpful!

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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Hi @davisdre317,

Unfortunately, after having followed all the steps in the article you referenced, the problem still occurs. 


Interestingly, it only occurs when I am trying to log into my GoDaddy email... no other site has shown that behavior. And it only seems to happen once per day... as noted in my original attached video, once the redirect happens, I can then log into "" for the rest of the day with no problem.


I've run MalwareBytes, HitmanPro, Farbar all with no issues found... and I've reset Google Chrome. But the issue persists.


Since it only happens on one site when trying to access my GDaddy email, is it possible that the GDaddy email server is infected? In which case it would have to be addressed from the GDaddy side...