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Being redirected when trying to access email

Every time I try to log into my GoDaddy email, the first try will redirect me to a page full of some sort of scripting errors (I have included the first few lines below).


I log in through "", and at first it brings up my email interface (my Inbox) as expected, but they rapidly redirects me to the page full of script errors. Then, if I try logging in again, it takes me to my Inbox, but this time it stays there (and all works as expected from then on).


I have attached a video that shows what happens better than I can explain it in words.


Anybody know what's happening here?


------------ Error messages Start ----------------

var tinymce={majorVersion:'3',minorVersion:'2.2.1',releaseDate:'2009-03-19',_init:function(){var t=this,d=document,w=window,na=navigator,ua=na.userAgent,i,nl,n,base,p,v;t.isOpera=w.opera&&opera.buildNumber;t.isWebKit=/WebKit/.test(ua);t.isIE=!t.isWebKit&&!t.isOpera&&(/MSIE/gi).test(ua)&&(/Explorer/gi).test(na.appName);t.isIE6=t.isIE&&/MSIE [56]/.test(ua);t.isGecko=!t.isWebKit&&/Gecko/.test(ua);t.isMac=ua.indexOf('Mac')!=-1;t.isAir=/adobeair/i.test(ua);if(w.tinyMCEPreInit){t.suffix=tinyMCEPreInit.suffix;t.baseURL=tinyMCEPreInit.base;t.query=tinyMCEPreInit.query;return;}