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So, GoDaddy decides to end POP3 hosting and start charging for email. They send an email telling me this, but it contains a click-through and my malware program pings it as phishing. I ignore it, since I think it's malicious. Besides, would GoDaddy suddenly decide to start charging for a service that was free before? That's crazy talk.

Without further notice, my email stops working. Since this is my major email for my business, a lot of chaos ensues. I call, and get snarky "well, we sent you notice..." Yeah, well, sending me notice that you're going to rip me off doesn't change the fact that you're ripping me off.

So I paid the ransom, what choice did I have? But GoDaddy wasn't done taking up my work time to make their lives more convenient. Now I'm being told that I can't use my current email client (Thunderbird) and that I have to buy a Microsoft product (Outlook) that I don't want. I don't need MS adds and spam all over my machine. 

Nice work, GoDaddy. You've cost me hours of work so I can pay you more. That does not engender warm feelings from this long-term customer, to put it mildly.


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As you experienced, GoDaddy is in the process of informing users about the decision to discontinue free email credits (the email you received) and are taking active steps to ensure they have a seamless upgrade process. They have a dedicated team ready to support the affected customers and are offering different options, including Office 365 and Workspace Email, so that you don’t have to experience any email downtime (and can use Thunderbird for the latter). They’re also providing support and easy migration for existing customers who don’t wish to upgrade to a paid GoDaddy email service. You may contact the support team at any of the numbers in the link below.



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When I set up Godaddy EMail a few years ago, and renewed everything later, I never received EMail service that was "free." I always had to pay for a domain to get it. All these Godaddy services seem to revolve around one another.

I have a domain. Two of them. And the emails that GoDaddy suspended were
attached to them. They were a part of the deal when I bought the hosting
service, and now they're not.

I also re-up'd my GoDaddy services with the understanding this was part of the deal, they took it away without even considering Grandfathering those who already paid. This is a HUGE slap in the face. I'm in the process of moving to NixiHost over this, GoDaddy has forever lost my business and the word of mouth marketing I give will not be flattering at all.

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We're sorry that you're unhappy with the new options offered by GoDaddy. Free email addresses have not been part of the domain purchase for quite a while now. GoDaddy is standardizing their paid Workspace users on a superior email system. This new platform is more secure, stable, and can be synced across all devices, from mobile to desktop, offering a better overall experience for our customers. For now, you're still able to purchase a Workspace email plan from a customer support agent and easily transition your existing email. 



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