Re: Add action buttons to header that link to pages

Hi @SbapShot. I hear you and I know you are feeling frustrated. The GoCentral website builder can provide beautiful, mobile friendly websites, but you are right that you can't move content to the exact position you want. You don't need to upgrade to use any action buttons. Without seeing your site I can try to give you a suggestion that would help achieve what you are trying to do. If you want to have a bunch of buttons at the top of your page, try this, and please see the pic I posted below as an example:

  1. Delete the header cover image to make room below.
  2. Below your header, add a Content section and use the 3rd layout, which contains 6 groups of text. Delete the Content section title so that it looks like one big extension from the header.
  3. In the Content section, with each of the 6 text groupings you can turn on an Action Button. You can leave the text or remove it and just keep the button.
  4. Link the button to be anchored to any section on any page, or link it to an external URL.

I attached a pic of what this could look like. Please let me know if this workaround is helpful. Thank you for being patient and please know that we are listening and reading all your feedback.