Issue with Beaver Builder and Permissions.

Hello. I'm having a permissions issue with The beaver builder plugin is saying I don't have write permission on the server. I changed all my folder permissions to 777 but it still shows an issue with write permission (go into wp-admin --> settings --> beaver builder to see). Beaver Builder is working just fine on my other sites on the same managed wordpress plan. I tried removing the plugin completely and re installing, changing the themes to default, and removing my other plugins. This seems to be a bug since there shouldn't be any permissions issue when all folders are set to 777.  I contacted hosting support through chat and was told this is out of scope, but this is for sure a bug that's out of my control; especially since it works fine with all the same settings in a different WordPress build on the same hosting. Can you take a look? Thanks. 


Plugins installed:


Analytics Code Integration - by tms_gac

Contact Widgets- by godaddy



Theme: Escapade



permissions error.PNG