Helper II
Helper II

Re: Backup Feature Does Not Work! (Managed WordPress Hosting)

Hi @ballclub1,

Wow! It sure took a while to get a response from GoDaddy.


(1) The backup engine is defective. Confirmed with frontline GoDaddy Customer Service Agents we spoke with.

(2) To date, no improvements have been made to the back-up engine (GUI).

(3) We never exceeded the TOS limits (double-checked) you mentioned. Nowhere close. And if we had, why didn’t the back-up engine flag the issue and provide a warning in the dashboard? Would be very helpful. Again, the back-up engine can use a refresh to address the TOS limits you mentioned. GoDaddy has the talent to make this happen.

(4) Why doesn’t the back-up engine say “Back Up Complete” when done? And why is the progress bar “fake”? Again, frontline GoDaddy Customer Service Agents agree with this.

(5) Upselling does not solve the issue presented herein. GoDaddy appears to do this all the time. Not nice.

Given the amount of time it takes GoDaddy to solve simple problems - or at least address them - we were recently forced to migrate some of our GoDaddy products to another hosting company. To bad we didn’t do it sooner. When necessary (rarely now), they respond and fix most issues in less than 24 hours via chat, tickets, and over the phone.

Listening and acting is the right thing to do for your customers, not offering excuses or upselling all the time.

Please forgive me. Don’t mean to appear rude. Simply presenting the facts after being a GoDaddy customer for almost 3 years.