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Firstly i am a novice at all of this.  I started building a website using a wordpress template and uploaded this to godaddy where it is hosted.  I lost my pc and now need advice on how i retrieve/copy the files from godaddy to my pc and which ones i need



ok i think i need to down load the wp content folder.  this seems straight forward, compress and download.  

Hello @chadbukl. Since a fresh WordPress install would already include core files, you'd only need to download the wp-content folder and also export the MySQL database ( You'd then have the customized content and can overwrite those to a new installation for your site to display online.


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Since I've been recycling my domain name for another website, I couldn't access my GoDaddy hosted website (Wordpress) and tried to "Delete" domain name from the manage hosted website to "delink" but realise that the whole website has been deleted by accident....


Any chance I could get access to the Wordpress Content, especially the posts, or the latest back-up?



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Ooops! You would be best phoning support asp! If they can't help, nobody can. 


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Good luck!