My first domain and WordPress website access problem

And not sure how to proceed. 


This is a basic WordPress website.

When I browse to it, I see a message, "The domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy.

When I browse to, I get the same message.

How can I get admin access to my site?

Would also like to have cpanel access, but not sure where to do that.

Helper III

Clear your browser cookies. After that, type in /wp-login.php at the end of your domain. Then just login with your username and password. You can access your domain and Wordpress application through your hosting account you've setup. Call GoDaddy customer support for further assistance.

Finally got access. Posting my thoughts in case that helps other new users. Last night I was unsuccessful in logging in from my home PC. I confirmed that was able to see my registered domain name, so this was not a registrar problem. I called the GD helpdesk, and they were able to see my page. This was the next clue. I opened a VPN tunnel to the west coast (I am located in Texas). From the VPN server, I was also able to see my page. This told me that one of the primary DNS servers, or possibly my ISP's DNS server, had not been updated yet. Since I could not reach the site using the IP address either, I am guessing it was probably my ISP. So I waited til this morning, and now I can access my page from my home PC. Problem appears to be solved, thanks for the help @sethl and GD helpdesk!  


Bottom line, if your new domain and webpage does not appear right away, be patient and wait for a day or so. It is probably just due to the way that the Internet works.

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Glad I could help and I believe it's called "server mitigation". I've been in a rush in the past before everything "went through" on the servers too. In fewer cases it takes a short period of time. GoDaddy staff probably just say that in case of the off chance they're making updates on their servers, high traffic issues, etc. but it's almost always instantaneous. Otherwise, it's more than likely a 3rd party reason.

We had an issue with our Wordpress site being hacked so we had all the traffic to our Primary Domain forwarded someplace else temporarily. We believe we have the hack fixed but I want to access Wordpress before we change the Primary back. I used to access the site using, but that method will obviously not work, so how do I do it ?