What are the benefits of a personal domain?
Sharing a resume or portfolio.
If you have a resume or portfolio you’d like to circulate but don’t have a website, a personal domain is the answer. Because you can send a personal domain to nearly any place online, it’s a perfect solution if you have documents stored in the cloud. Link them to your personal domain to make them easier to find and download.
Setting up email or a website.
Once you set up your personal domain and see what it can do, you’ll be tempted to take the next step. Use it to set up a custom email address based on your domain to add to your credibility. Once you see how easy that is, use it to create a personal website using a website-building platform like WordPress.
Protecting your reputation.
When everything depends on your personal brand, use domain name registration to protect it. To keep bad actors from impersonating you online, register a domain with variations of your actual name. With all the available domain extensions out there today, get as many as you can to manage your online reputation.

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