Email Migration

Moving your email doesn't have to be scary.

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Easy migration. No hocus-pocus.

Each employee in your company uses their email in their own ways. Sure, they check their messages, but they manage their folders and attachments differently. Moving your email to an Office 365 account seems like a way to introduce chaos into your managed online life. Who wants to deal with that? Nobody. That’s why we’ve made it easy.

Simple. To the point.

There are a lot of components that can go into the process of moving your company’s email. We take the mystery out of that system by streamlining it. The email migration process starts with our team picking out the best plan for your business. Then we create each employee’s new account to prepare for the next step.

Leave the details to us.

The next step comes down to the details. All of your employee’s emails, attachments and folders have to come onboard the new system. Our process makes that easy, with no disruption to your day-to-day business. Send and receive emails as normal and schedule when you want to migrate. Our team of experts make moving over your employee’s email data simple, safe and seamless.

In every step, you'll stay up to date.

During the migration process, we give you a handy dashboard that shows your status. Then, once your Office 365 email is ready to go, we’ll let you and your team know. And just like that, the migration is complete.

At your service — 24/7.

Ever tried to find a support phone number for your email vendor? Chances are it’s non-existent, because most of them don’t offer support unless it’s — ironically enough — via email. Here you get 24/7 phone support that can help you out no matter what comes up. The email migration process can be painless, and we know the tricks to make that happen.