Office 365 Email Migration Tool

An email migration so easy, it's like magic.

Make the switch to Office 365 email.


Online Email Migration Tool

The easiest, fastest way to get assistance from migration specialists — all done online, from any device.

  • PC users with Outlook 2010 or newer on Windows

  • Mac users using only a browser to access email

  • For a limited time, we're waiving the $51.65 migration fee

Call to Start

Please give our migration specialists a call to schedule your migration.

  • PC users with older versions of Outlook (2007 or earlier) on Windows

  • Mac users using apps to access email (Ex: Apple mail)

Complete your migration online.

It's FREE and saves you a call. Answer few questions about your email, the day and time you want to switch over, pick an Office 365 email plan, then check out. When you start using your new email account, all your emails, folders, attachments, contacts and calendars will be waiting for you in your new mailbox.

Call to schedule.

Anyone in need of additional assistance, anyone with older versions of Outlook (2007 or earlier) or anyone migrating more than 10 email accounts, please call (02) 8042 8920. Our team of GoDaddy migration specialists would be happy to help.

Professional Email plans

Email Essentials

Email Plus

Business Premium

Domain-based email (E.g.,
Domain-based email (E.g.,
Storage for email, contacts and calendars
Storage for email, contacts and calendars

10 GB

50 GB

50 GB
Sync across all devices
Sync across all devices
Shared online calendars
Shared online calendars
Up to 400 email aliases
Up to 400 email aliases
Desktop version of Microsoft® Office 365 on up to 5 PCs/Macs with updated versions of Word®, Excel®, Outlook® and more
Desktop version of Microsoft® Office 365 on up to 5 PCs/Macs with updated versions of Word®, Excel®, Outlook® and more

What happens after migration?

After your migration is finished, all email sent your way will go to your new Office 365 account — voila! To be honest, the magic is the migration specialists who work in the background to make sure everything goes smoothly with no interruption to your service, but the voila helps. Your migration specialist will keep you posted on the progress.


When do I select my email plan(s)?

When you schedule an Office 365 email migration, you’ll select the email plan for your new account. If you’re migrating more than one account, select a plan for each. They can be the same plan, or different, depending on what you need.

What's email migration?

Email migration does two things: It moves your contacts, emails, attachments, folders and calendar from your old mailbox to your new. It also makes it possible to keep your existing email address— one that includes your domain name (Ex:

What’s magic about this migration tool?

If you’re worried about transferring your email, our migration specialists will make your concerns disappear. They transfer your contacts, emails, attachments and folders for you after checkout. Best of all, they do it behind the scenes so there’s no disruption or downtime to your professional email account.

Do I have to call in to start an email migration?

Before now, we asked everyone to call in to schedule a migration. That can be inconvenient for a lot of folks, so we made an online option. Now, you can schedule, checkout and complete your migration at any time that’s convenient to you from this page.

Is the email migration tool really free?

Yes! We’ve got two great promotions going on right now. For the launch of our new email migration web experience, we’re waiving the entire $51.65 fee. The product will appear in your cart but will cost zero dollars.

What kinds of email can migrate?

Our email migration works specifically for email accounts that include your own domain name. Free email accounts, including Gmail (Ex: cannot be migrated.

What happens after my migration date?

The date and time you schedule for your migration is actually the day that the migration is complete, not the date it begins. Your migration will begin soon after you check out, and continue under the watchful migration specialists, finally ending on the date and time you choose. After that, all mail being sent to you will go to your new Office 365 email mailbox.

How long will the Office 365 migration take?

It takes about five days to complete an email migration. If you need access to your new account before then please call in. Your data will be joining you shortly.

Why switch to Office 365 email?

All Office 365 email plans include the Outlook web app, world-class data security and spam filtering, our 30-day money-back guarantee and a 99% uptime guarantee. As always, our award-winning GoDaddy support team is available 24/7 to assist you in any way you need.

Why get Office 365 email migration from GoDaddy?

Peace of mind, for starters. We get it, you don’t want to risk losing the contacts and emails you’ve acquired throughout the years. We don’t want you to either. You can rest easy knowing that you have migration experts who know their stuff (SMTP relays, MX records, etc.) working to create your new account and move your emails, attachments and folders to the new system.

Will I expect any interruption to my email during an Office 365 migration?

You’ll never lose a second of productivity — there’s zero downtime during the process.