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What is CashParking?

CashParking® is a service that lets you earn money on your parked domain names. If you associate your domains with your CashParking account, our advertising partner places context-relevant advertisements on your page. Each time a visitor clicks a displayed advertisement, you receive a share of the generated click-through revenue based on your CashParking plan (60% to 80% of the generated revenue). The amount you receive and the price you pay for the CashParking service depends on the plan you select. You can add an unlimited number of domains to your CashParking account.

Parked domains are domains that display a temporary Web page when someone enters your domain name in a Web browser.

How do I get paid for my CashParking commission?

To receive commission for your CashParking® account, you must select one of the following payment methods: direct deposit, PayPal®, Good As Gold, or personal check. The amount paid depends on your CashParking plan.

Electronic Payment Options

We make payments midway through the second month following the month they're earned. For example, we pay commission you earned in January in mid-March.

  • Direct deposit payments are subject to a $10 minimum.

    Note: We can submit electronic deposits only to U.S.-based bank accounts.

  • PayPal is not subject to a minimum. To ensure that you can receive payments, see PayPal's International Payment Restrictions.

    Note: If the payment amount exceeds $20,000 it will be split into two separate PayPal transactions.

  • Good As Gold accounts are subject to a $5 minimum.

Note: If you do not earn the monthly minimum, your commission rolls over to the next month until your total earnings meet that amount.

Domestic (U.S.) Check Payments

U.S.-based check payments are subject to a $100 minimum. A $25 service fee is applied. If you do not earn the monthly minimum, your total commission rolls over to the following month until your total earnings reach the minimum.

We deduct the $25 service fee from the total amount paid.

Use one of the following payment methods to avoid service fees and lower your minimum amount:

  • Direct Deposit
  • PayPal
  • Good As Gold

Checks are issued on approximately the 25th of each month.

International Check Payments

International check payments are subject to a $100 minimum, and there are no service fees. If you do not earn the minimum in a quarter, the total commission you earned rolls over to the next quarter until your earnings meet the minimum. We send checks to international customers approximately 45 days after the end of each quarter, on the following dates:

  • Feb. 25, for commission earned Oct. 1 to Dec. 31
  • May 25, for commission earned Jan. 1 to March 31
  • Aug. 25, for commission earned Apr. 1 to June 30
  • Nov. 25, for commission earned July 1 to Sept. 30

Cancellation Notice

If you cancel your account, a $15 service fee is deducted from the unpaid funds in your account. After all applicable fees, we pay the remaining balance using your selected payment option.

What is click fraud?

Click fraud is a common problem in Internet-based pay-per-click advertising programs. It is the act of clicking online advertisements for the purpose of generating a fraudulent or invalid per-click charge that increases the site owner's profits. Invalid clicks can be generated by manual action or through automated tools that imitate manual action.

We monitor all CashParking-related traffic for click fraud and take appropriate action, up to and including suspension or termination of a CashParking account, if clicks are found to be invalid or fraudulent.

Can I add a domain name registered elsewhere to CashParking?

If you registered your domain name elsewhere, you can monetize your domain name with us by selecting the CashParking plan you want to use and entering your domain name. You must change your nameservers through your current registrar to the CashParking nameservers:


Note: You must add your domain names to your CashParking account before changing your nameservers.

How is revenue generated?

Through our advertising partners, we place contextually relevant advertisements on your parked, CashParking domain names. Each time a visitor clicks one of the advertisements displayed on the page, our advertising partners pay a certain amount. That revenue is split between the service provider and the domain owner, in accordance with the applicable revenue-sharing plan. For example, CashParking customers who sign up for the 80% revenue share plan receive 80% of the generated revenue while the remaining 20% goes to the service provider.

The actual revenue generated when a visitor clicks an advertisement varies and is determined by the specific advertisement on which the visitor clicked. A number of factors define which advertisements display on your page, including the quality of your domain and the amount and nature of traffic your page receives.

CashParking revenue is reported with a delay of up to 48 hours. This delay ensures that the revenue displayed in your CashParking account shows your actual earnings, rather than a generic estimate.

How many domains can I associate with a CashParking account?

You can associate an unlimited number of domain names with your CashParking account, and you can add up to 500 domains at a time. Because you can associate an unlimited number of domains with a CashParking account and conveniently track and manage all of them through that one account, you only need one CashParking account. You can also upgrade or downgrade your revenue-sharing plan at any time.

What are the CashParking domain statuses, and what do they mean?

You may encounter the following domain statuses listed in your CashParking control panel:

The domain has been submitted and is currently in the process of resolving to the CashParking name servers.
Pending Review
The domain has been submitted and is currently being reviewed for eligibility in CashParking. Your domain should process within 1-2 business days.
CashParking is active for the domain in question. The domain has been submitted and is resolved to the CashParking name servers.
The domain you have submitted has been reviewed and is not eligible for CashParking. Reasons for ineligibility could be due to, but are not limited to, potential trademark concern, qualification requirement from our upstream feed providers or domain ownership.
An attempt was been made to add a domain that is not associated with your customer account; the domain is registered with us under a different shopper number. If you encounter this error and are the legal owner of the domain, log in to the account that contains the domain and add it to your CashParking account. If you have any questions, contact Customer Support.
You removed the domain from your CashParking account, or the domain was in Pending status for more than seven days, and we moved it to Removed status.

Why aren't advertisements displayed on my CashParking site?

Failure to display advertisements on your CashParking website might be caused by any of the following issues:

Incorrect name servers
Ensure that your domain name is set up with the CashParking nameservers.
Inappropriate domains
Advertisements might have been blocked due to the inappropriateness of your domain name. This will generally result in a “Removed” status for your domain name in the CashParking control panel.
Expired membership
If your CashParking account is allowed to expire, all domains are automatically removed from the CashParking account.

Why did I receive an error message when adding a domain name to my CashParking account?

There are a number of issues you may encounter when adding domain names to your CashParking account. The following list describes common errors and resolutions:

The following domains are invalid or not supported by CashParking.
Some top-level domains (TLDs) are not currently supported by CashParking and cannot be added to your account.
Domain is already being monetized by someone else.
The domain is currently active in a different CashParking account. A domain cannot be associated with more than one CashParking account at a time. If you encounter this error, contact Customer Support.
Because of fraudulent activity, this account was suspended and most features are disabled.
The account was suspended because it violated the Terms of Service agreement. You can log in to CashParking and access reports, but you cannot add or manage domains. If you have questions, contact Customer Support.
Your CashParking subscription has expired.
Because the subscription expired, your account was suspended and will be canceled if it isn't renewed. To continue using CashParking, renew your account.

Note: If a domain entered into your CashParking account is currently registered with us, but under a different shopper ID, that domain will be listed with "Error" as its status. If you are the legal owner of this domain, log in to the account that contains the domains and add the domain to your CashParking account. If you have any questions, contact Customer Support.

Why is my CashParking account suspended?

We suspend CashParking® accounts when the CashParking Terms of Service Agreement is violated. For example, we suspend an account if it is suspected of click fraud, which occurs when a person or program clicks advertisements for the purpose of generating revenue from pay-per-click advertising and not out of a genuine interest in the item.

If we suspend your account, we send you an email notification of the suspension. For more information, review the Terms of Service.

Although you can log in to suspended accounts, you cannot add or manage domain names. You can access reports and online help from a suspended account.

If you have questions relating to your CashParking account suspension, please contact a GoDaddy Guide.

Where can I update my contact information?

CashParking pulls the contact information from the Domain Control Center. The contact information for domains listed there will be auto-populated into the Settings tab of the CashParking dashboard. To view or update the contact information listed there, choose update Contact Information from the Settings dropdown.

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