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Display Timezones for WooCommerce Bookings

Learn how to display timezones to customers for bookable products with WooCommerce Bookings.

Required: WooCommerce Bookings is a premium WooCommerce extension included with WordPress Ecommerce Hosting or as a standalone purchase.
  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. Navigate to Bookings > Settings > Timezones.
  3. Enable Bookings Timezone Calculation field: Enable this feature if you want Bookings emails and other automatic events to be triggered using your website's configured timezone. If this is disabled, events will be triggered using UTC time.
  4. Select the Timezone: 'Display visitor's local time' or 'Display your local time WordPress settings'.
  5. Select the Calendar start day: 'Set start day from visitor's locale' or 'Set start day from WordPress settings'.
    • If using WordPress settings, the start day is pulled from Dashboard > Settings > General > Week Starts On.
  6. Save changes.

Note: Timezones only affects bookable products with the booking duration configured to either minutes or hours. For bookable products that are set to days or months, the site's configured timezone is used instead.

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