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Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) - Sun ONE 6.1

Follow the instructions below to generate a CSR for your website. When you have completed generating your CSR, cut/copy and paste it into the CSR field on the SSL certificate-request page.

Note: To enable higher levels of security, 2048-bit private key lengths are now the minimum strength accepted for certificate requests.

To Generate and Submit the Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  1. Access the Sun ONE Administration console.
  2. In the Servers window select the server that you wish to create a certificate for (Manage Services-> Select a Server); then click the Manage button.
  3. Click on the Security tab.
  4. Create a database password (if one has not already been set)
  5. Click on Request a Certificate.
  6. Indicate whether you wish to create a new certificate or renew an existing one.
  7. When prompted, enter your Distinguished Name information, email address and phone number, and, if applicable, token name:
    • What is the fully-qualified DNS name of this host? - This is the Common Name. Please enter the fully-qualified domain name - or URL - to which you plan to apply the requested certificate.

      Note: If you are requesting a Wildcard certificate, please add an asterisk (*) on the left side of the Common Name (e.g., "*.coolexample.com" or "www*.coolexample.com"). This will secure all subdomains of the Common Name.

    • What is the name of your organization? - The name under which your business is legally registered. The listed organization must be the legal registrant of the domain name in the certificate request. If you are enrolling as an individual, please enter the certificate requestor's name in the "Organization" field, and the DBA (doing business as) name in the "Organizational Unit" field.
    • What is the name of your organizational unit? - Optional. Use this field to differentiate between divisions within an organization. If applicable, you may enter the DBA (doing business as) name in this field.
    • What is the name of your City or Locality? - Name of the city in which your organization is registered/located. Please spell out the name of the city. Do not abbreviate.
    • What is the name of your State or Province? - Name of state or province where your organization is located. Please enter the full name. Do not abbreviate.
    • What is the two-letter country code for this unit? - The two-letter International Organization for Standardization- (ISO-) format country code for the country in which your organization is legally registered.
    • What is the e-mail address of the admin/Webmaster for this server?
    • What is the phone number of the admin/Webmaster for this server?
    • Please enter the token name - Token name is needed only if you are not using the default internal (software) cryptographic module, for example, if you want to use a crypto card (Token names could be listed using: modutil -dbdir /etc/opt/SUNWps/cert -list); Otherwise, just click Return below.

      Note: Do not leave the Webmaster's e-mail and phone number blank. The information is necessary for getting a valid CSR.

  8. A CSR is generated and stored in the file /tmp/csr.hostname. The CSR is also printed on the screen.
  9. Cut/copy the CSR into our online enrollment form.

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