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How do API Reseller, Turnkey Reseller and Reseller Hosting plans differ?

The product name Reseller Hosting can easily be confused with our traditional turnkey resellers who sell hosting. But the similarities end there. Learn about the differences between the API Reseller, Turnkey Reseller (Basic & Pro) and Reseller Hosting plans.

API Reseller

Sell and manage domain and account APIs and grant your customers access to the Domain Control Center. This plan is recommended if you understand REST APIs and want to expand your business. Contact our GoDaddy Guides to purchase an API Reseller plan.

Turnkey (Basic & Pro) Reseller

Get access to a storefront and cart system through a white labeled experience that closely resembles GoDaddy. These plans are recommended if you want a ready-to-go reseller experience with no technical knowledge required. Learn more about the Reseller Program.

Reseller Hosting

WHMCS manages everything for you with multiple plugins. We provide cPanel® and WHMCS, and you can allot disk space and bandwidth for customers. This plan is recommended if you’re familiar with or want to learn WHMCS. Learn more about Reseller Hosting.

Feature API Reseller Turnkey (Basic & Pro) Reseller Reseller Hosting
Sell domains Yes Yes Yes

Requires API Reseller plan
Sell Web Hosting No Yes Yes
Sell SSLs No Yes Yes
E-commerce transaction processing No

You must set up your own payment processing
Yes No

You must set up your own payment processing
You control your billing Yes

Your customers pay you directly and we deduct a fixed rate from a Good as Gold account

Commissions are paid out at the end of the month for the previous month's earnings

Customers pay you directly
WHMCS included No

Works with WHMCS
No Yes
Storefront No

You need to integrate our APIs into your site

You can use our pre-built, editable storefront

You need to build your own storefront
End-user customer support No

You support your customers

You can have our GoDaddy Guides support your customers or handle it yourself

You support your customers
Reporting Yes

Reporting provided in the Reseller Control Center

Reporting provided in the Reseller Control Center

Reporting provided in WHMCS

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