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Overview: Integrated email customizer for WooCommerce

WooCommerce emails will work right out of the box, sending as soon as you start getting orders. However, you may want to edit the email style and content before it reaches your customers.

To do so, sign into WordPress, go to Marketing and click on Emails.

Under Settings, you can edit the sender name and address. The sender details will appear in your customer inbox. Read more on verifying your email address. You can also preview the email template applied to your WooCommerce emails. If you wish to customize the template, click on Customize and read more about your options.

Under Emails, you can see all of the emails your store may send to admins or customers. Emails are divided into the following categories:

  • Order: Emails that relate to the orders your customers place on your site.
  • Customer: Emails that relate to Customer management, such as password reset.
  • Admin: Emails that are sent to your site admin(s).
  • Extensions: Emails that are added to your site by your active extensions.

For each email, you can view and change their status.

  • An active email means that it will be sent when the event it relates to happens. For instance, if “Item Shipped” is active, an email will be sent when you add tracking information to one of your orders.
  • An inactive email won’t be sent even if the event it relates to happens.
  • A manual email can only be sent manually. For instance, manual order emails can be sent from the order screen.

Click on the title of the email you wish to edit and read more about editing emails here.

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